Texas Eagle Forum Endorses Trayce Bradford, former President, for Texas Lieutenant Governor

Updated: Jan 18

"Texas Eagle Forum PAC is excited to endorse Trayce Bradford, former President of Texas Eagle Forum, for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. We know where she stands on the issues critical to preserving our way of life. She will be instrumental in passing bills to empower and support Texas families, which are the backbone of a thriving state.

TEF is concerned about several Leftist bills passed by the Texas Senate during the 86th and 87th Sessions – even with a Republican Lt. Governor and a strong Republican majority in our Senate. We believe it’s time to make a change!" Cindi Castilla, President, on behalf of Texas Eagle Forum

"Much of my campaign foundation is based on citizen endorsements and giving a voice to the people. When the group I once had the joy and privilege of leading vetted me and awarded me their endorsement, I was humbled and grateful. These ladies seek the truth and discern rightly. When they sent the endorsement I was struck once again by what a privilege it is to seek the office of Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

There is not a day when I am not thankful for my time with Texas Eagle Forum and the women with whom I worked and fought for conservative values in Austin and throughout Texas. Thank you, Texas Eagle Forum, for this honor." - Trayce Bradford, candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor.

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