Sanctity of Life

Life is a gift of God and we are created in His image. Valuing and protecting each life from conception to natural death is essential and foundational to this nation. This includes abolishing abortion, as well as, protecting the elderly from being discarded.

Border Security & Texas Sovereignty

The U.S. Constitution, under Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3, specifically grants the states sovereign authority to take the lead when they are being threatened by invasion or imminent harm. There is no compromise.

Election Integrity

Honest elections are a MUST for any liberty-loving state or nation to thrive and flourish. Securing the vote from beginning to end must be a settled issue for the voter. Any form of defrauding a citizen's vote must be met with swift and substantial penalties.

Protecting Our Children

As Americans, our parental rights are foundational and non-negotiable. Education is the parents' responsibility and choice. The responsibility of our elected officials is to remove the bloated administration costs and to return education back to focusing on children’s basic learning skills - such as reading and writing. Legislation should always support our Texas freedoms and parental rights.

Anti-Human Trafficking

Modern slavery exists and is endemic at our border and in our state. Ending human trafficking, protecting the victims, and prosecuting the traffickers is paramount. Trafficking happens in the dark and must be brought into the light.

Energy Independence

As an energy state, Texas should be leading the nation in cutting edge and reliable advances in our energy sector, as well as, restricting tax incentives to renewable, more expensive, less reliable energy sources such as turbine and solar.

Consent of the Governed

The God-given and constitutional rights to freedom of speech, right to assemble, practicing our faith, safeguarding our property and due process under the law are the epitomai of what it means to be an American. It is the duty of our elected officials to honor these rights and ensure they are always promoted and protected. 

Stop Government Overreach

Small businesses should be on a level playing field as corporations. Essential businesses and winners should not be chosen, subsidized, or mandated by state and local governments.