It’s time our leaders represented the desires of the people instead of their own personal desires for wealth and power! Trayce answers to our Lord, Jesus Christ Who is the Highest Power and she is the answer we need to get our great State of Texas back on track! - Wendi Rees

I fully support Trayce Bradford in running for LT Governor. She is exactly who we need for Texas to defend our constitution, our freedoms, and our religious liberties. I know she will represent all the citizens of Texas in a mighty way. We need her at our State Capital! - Theresa Brittain

I fully support what Trayce Bradford is campaigning for. Texas needs her! - Diana Dawn Rhodes

Trayce stands for all the things that are important to me and my family! She is the best choice for Lt. Governor for TX!! - Sharon Cox

I wholeheartedly support Trayce Bradford for Lt. Governor. She is a wife, mother of seven children, and loves Texas! She will support parents in the education of their children and the protection of children!! - Loretta Ayres

Texas needs honest leadership that works for the citizens of Texas. Trayce Bradford stands with integrity ready to make a difference in our state. She has my support. - Diane Reis

I wholeheartedly endorse Trayce Bradford for LT. Governor of Texas. She will protect the values and concerns of the Texas citizens from federal illegal encroachment and stand up for the rights of Texas children and their families. - Cynthia Allen

I love Trayce! She is down to earth and sees things clearly with regards to what’s going on in our state. She is with the people and for the people. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for our next Lt. Governor!!!! - Jennifer Carson

I stand with Trayce Bradford In support of the sanctity of life, border security, Texas sovereignty, election integrity, consent of the governed, religious liberty, protection of our children, anti-human trafficking, energy independence, stop government outreach, no taxpayer-funded lobbyists. Trayce Would be an excellent Lieutenant Governor for the great state of Texas! - Pauletta Bonner

Texas needs someone who is willing to standup to bureaucrats and fight for the people who elected them! - Dana Wright

I am happy to support Trayce - Pauline Forister

I’ve been in the trenches fighting for conservative principles with Trayce and have seen how her fight is always rooted in her faith. She is unwavering in her focus to ensure life, liberty, and family are always protected. I can say with confidence she won’t let us down in Austin! - Dana Harris

For the past 12 years I have watched Trayce fight for the freedoms that our nation was founded on. She is well informed on the issues, very articulate in communication, and walks with strength and integrity, mixed with grace! She is very family oriented and will be great at representing the people across Texas! - Sally Ahles

Trayce has worked very hard state-wide for many conservative causes and would represent us well. - William Turpin

We need more real conservative grassroots leaders that will protect our liberty and sovereignty! This is why I support Trayce Bradford. - Melanie Graft

I have known Trayce Bradford for years and observed her integrity and call to the civil government arena. I can say without hesitation that she carries the uncompromising heart, the feet that will not waver and the knowledge to lead Texas as Lt. Governor. I am tired of getting crumbs in respect to our Christian heritage and cause. Trayce will not compromise. - Rev Merrie Cardin

Trayce Bradford is a leader who possesses wisdom and integrity. Her leadership experience will be an asset for Texas! - JoAnn Georgostathis

I support Trayce Bradford for Texas Lt. Governor. - Marilyn Muscanere

Trayce Bradford has been prepared “for such a time as this”. She is a woman of steadfast integrity. She has a keen sense of discernment and has demonstrated time and time again her passion for “we the people” and the ability to turn words into action. Texas needs “action”, not words, more now than ever before. - Pam Colquitt

Trayce has all it takes and more to lead our great state. From her experience in Austin to her leadership in Dallas she is what we need to fix what is wrong in Austin!! - Denise Layne

Trayce has been a friend for decades and has always exhibited trustworthiness, dedication, a strong faith in Jesus and a compassion for the people of Texas. As a strong conservative voice, she has demonstrated her willingness to Fight for what is right for Texas and the Nation. She’s the person to help lead our state into its next season. - Thomas Schlueter

I am impressed with Trayce's integrity, creativity, humility and energy in serving her country.. I respect her. and endorse without reservations. - Dorothy L Brooks

Trayce understands Texas. She won’t back down! - Kevin Freeman

Trayce Bradford is amazing. She has a great relationship with many of our conservative lawmakers and actively stays involved in knowing which bills are in motion. I support her campaign for Lt. Governor for the state of Texas. - Kim Ulmer

I have been blessed to know Trayce Bradford for several years and she without question reflects my principles, beliefs, and moral standards that our state sorely needs to return to. She has my whole-hearted support to become Texas' next Lt. Governor. - Kathryn G Rowoldt

Texas would be in a strong position having Trayce Bradford as our Lieutenant Governor to not only hold the line of our conservative values but to advance these values in our state. She is tough yet humble, smart and methodical, exactly who we Texans need to lead us during these unsettling times to keep us grounded, our businesses open and our kids safe. She has our full support and we are looking forward to a strong Texas no matter what the rest of the country does. - Nicole Smith

Trayce is a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She will work hard to secure the freedoms we love as Texans. She has a strong moral code because she lives by the teachings of the Bible. Trayce has been a dependable leader in local government for years and has proven herself to be capable of serving the great state of Texas and the people of Texas. I know as a Texan, I would sleep easier with Trayce Bradford as my Lieutenant Governor! - Jennifer Neese

She has spent years on the front lines at the state capital being not only a defender of wholesome laws and values but representative of integrity. Her pure heart and integrity will be a North Star in her decision-making. - Lauren Haines

Trayce Bradford is extremely competent to serve as our Lt. Governor! Trayce’s experience within Texas governmental infrastructure has permitted her a valuable platform to discern and implement righteous government! Trayce is a “winner” for Texas! - Hollis Kirkpatrick

I endorse Tracy Bradford for Lt. Governor for the state of Texas. She has worked tirelessly over the years to support legislation that best gives Texas the Bills appropriate for our conservative values in Texas. - Dianne Young

I endorse Trayce Bradford as a candidate for the office of Lt. Governor of Texas. She will not compromise on conservative issues. The question for this election is how much longer will Texas remain conservative. Under our current leadership, Texas is slowly slipping away. Trayce is the real deal and has no fear of man. She has years of experience in working with key legislatures to create bills that protect freedom. If you want Texas to return to its conservative roots, it is time to choose a new candidate. - Rebecca Berry

I fully support Tracye Bradford for Lt. Governor for the State of Texas in the 2022 election cycle including the March primary. She is extremely experienced in the workings of the state government through her work for conservative and Christian values. - Gilda D. Wilkinson

Trayce Bradford is a woman of integrity who has experience working with the Texas Legislature. I support her because she will serve Texas as Lieutenant Governor with honor and support true conservative values. - Wanda Ulrey

I wholeheartedly support Trayce Bradford for Lt. Governor. I admire and trust her integrity and commitment to conservative values. - Cynthia Griffith

As one who has demonstrated leadership and protection for family & Texas values, you have my vote & support! - Cecile Mitchell

Trayce Bradford stands for the values and goals that Texans want and need in leadership. She truly loves our state and exemplifies the honest, hardworking, self-sacrificing, family-supporting leader that we all want to represent us. It is scary to know what will happen in our future with the growth and the changes happening in our state, and I trust the decisions that she will make on our behalf. - Mandy Hunt

I fully support the Bradford Campaign standing for conservative values in Texas. She is the right and only person for the job. - Katherine McCally

I am pleased, thrilled, to support any woman who won't be intimidated by partisan policies but is bold in her stance for conservative values - dedicated to protecting the rights of families, the unborn, and hard-working men & women of Texas. - Peggy P. Jeremiah

She has been a true conservative and actively involved in state political issues for many years. - Barbara Sinclair Sundstrom

I love this woman, Trayce Bradford, who has worked tirelessly for years behind the scenes at the Texas capital to promote conservative values and help legislators and conservative groups to get both clarity and strategies dealing with issues that matter to families. At times she has labored to get other conservatives at the capital to rise in courage to follow up with actions to their conservative rhetoric. I have prayed with her and counseled with her and have complete confidence in her judgment, commitment, and fit-ness for this job! - Dorothy Boswell Dundas

Texas needs strong leadership rooted in conservative Christian values. It's time we replace the old with those who have a mind to put Texas first and not their own agenda. - Connie Swain

Trayce Bradford’s outstanding moral compass and faith-based ideals align with mine and should align with all freedom-valuing Texans. She truly stands for Life and Liberty, and I stand by her 100%! - Jamie Delannoy

Trayce is a true conservative, with many years of grassroots experience. She understands the vast difference between politics and good governing. You cannot to wrong voting for her. She is the picture of integrity and wisdom. - Brenda Peterson

Trayce takes the knowledge she has about the issues facing our state and strives to understand how the policies currently in place or the ones lacking affect the people of Texas! It is her passion to understand the people that give Trayce my vote for Lt Governor! - Tomi Jarrell

I support Trayce Bradford because of her stand for conservative, Biblically-based, values regardless of partisanship. Likewise, her determined efforts to encourage and educate existing and prospective leaders to find and take their place as constitutionally sound leaders in local, state and national government. - Linda Edwards

I have known Trayce for several years and am convinced she is highly qualified for this job! Good candidate - Kristy C Edwards

Wholeheartedly supporting! - Scott Robson

Trayce is a woman of integrity, and these days that is not easy to find. She understands the values of the people of Texas and will stand strong for them in Austin as she has done behind the scenes for years there. I have known Trayce several years now and she is a motivator of others, working to see that our conservative values are not eroded by others seeking to change the landscape of the state. If elected, Trayce will serve the people of Texas well. - Mike and Donna Craig

I first met Trayce when she was President of Dallas Eagle Forum. When she went on to become even more involved in legislation, I saw that she always maintained resolute in her conservative convictions. That’s really all I need to know to cast my vote for her. However, I’ve also gotten to know her on a more personal level and understand that her convictions come from her close relationship with God. Knowing that she answers to a higher power, gives me great confidence in the choices she will make as Lt. Governor. - Deana Johnston

I’ve known Trayce since the ’90s and she has always demonstrated wholehearted devotion to the state of Texas, it’s history & the great heritage, faith & true grit of its founders. She has that tenacity to see a thing through to its best outcome with grace and wisdom. Trayce Bradford takes seriously her accountability to those she represents. Concerned with all pertaining to faithfully upholding the laws & well-being of her constituents and the future of Texas- a state that is a leader to the nation, full of rich cultures & heritage of multiple ethnicities without division. - J. Twig Jones

She knows and understands the problems we are facing. She is passionate to fight for Texas and put an end to Human Trafficking - Anu Saraf

Trayce Bradford is a strong leader who has been involved in Texas government for a number of years. She is honorable and her word can be trusted. She will be a voice of clarity for Texas. - Wanda Ulrey

As a Child’s Rights Advocate in Texas I am so excited that one of our state's hardest Children's Rights Advocate Trayce Bradford has stepped up to the challenge of being Texas' next LT Governor! I know with her in this vital role Texans biblical conservative values will be upheld, our rights protected, legislative bills passed but most importantly Texas Children will finally be protected!! God Bless Trayce and her beautiful family for making this huge sacrifice to help protect and save Texas!! - Bonnie Cudlip

I support and endorse Trayce Bradford for lieutenant governor! My family has known Trayce for 25 years...we are neighbors and friends. Over the years, we’ve come to know that Trayce is a woman of character and conviction. She loves Jesus and stays on the straight and narrow conservatively and consistently. If Trayce is elected as lieutenant governor, one will never have to wonder if she will follow through with her promises to the best of her abilities...because she will! I believe Trayce is incorruptible, since she answers directly to God. Trayce has been involved in conservative politics for many years, and I believe she is uniquely qualified to bring conservative values to the office of lieutenant governor, as he is pro-life, will fight against child/human trafficking, and will protect religious rights. She will fight against government corruption of any kind, and much more. Trayce Bradford will stand guard over all of the God given RIGHTS and FREEDOMS of Texans. - Jean Juran Ecklund

I'm supporting Trayce Bradford for Lt. Governor because now, more than ever, we need true conservatives that will fight for the rights and freedoms of Texans. - Joseph Vargas