When I’m asked about my reasons for not supporting government mandates for wearing a mask, taking a vaccine, compulsory PCR testing, or social distancing and staying at home orders, I like to begin by examining the science and the constitutionality that may or may not support these mandates. But I find that most people are less concerned about the science and constitutionality of the matter than they are about the morality of the matter.

People want to know what is the right thing to do in the midst of a pandemic, or as it stands now, in the face of a virus that is endemic, highly contagious, making some people very sick, and even killing many. (The reasons for the high death rates can be discussed separately.) With that in mind, I must first answer those people who have a very sincere question, based in honest concern for doing the right thing biblically or ethically.

“Shouldn’t we honor our neighbors” by wearing the mask or taking a vaccine - out of respect and care for them?” The Bible says “love thy neighbor as thyself” in Matthew 22:39 and “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” in Philippians 2: 3-4. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31 I’m sure many other verses can be found to support this biblical principle of other-centeredness.

Initially, I struggled to respond with a biblical answer. I, too, want to honor God and love my neighbor. I truly want to do the right thing. But, what is the right thing? And who gets to decide what is the right thing? From where do the ideas about “the right thing” come? From Man? Our inner voice? From God? If God, then does God command me to blindly and unconditionally follow the king, as if he had no restraints or limits to his power and authority? What if the king’s orders contradict God’s orders? (Consider the Hebrew midwives, Mose’s mother, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack & Abednigo, Stephen, etc.) What if the king’s orders rob me of something that God Himself has given me? Which is the higher law? To what and to whom am I called to submit if the two “authorities” conflict? Pastor Tony Evans frames the answer succinctly: “There are only two ideas in the world: God’s and everybody else’s. If the two disagree, then everybody else is wrong.”

Our job is find out whether or not the two ideas about morality conflict. Man says, it’s your moral duty to mask, vaccinate, test frequently, and stay away from others, but no where in the Bible, God’s law, will you find such unchecked authority given to Man. I acknowledge that Paul instructs us to “…be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” Romans 13:1. The problem, however, comes when the authorities attempt to do more than God has given them permission to do. Jesus says, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Mark 12:17. The point is that not all things belong to Caesar. When you study the whole counsel of the Word, you will see that the things that are God’s are vastly greater than the things that are Caesar’s or Man’s.

When the government (Man) usurps the power and authority of God and interrupts the chain of command and accountability between God and me, it is out of order. Even worse is that government’s intervention through rules and regulations, enforced by threats of fines, jail time, or loss of business licenses, dangerously weakens society and individuals alike. By telling us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, people lose their sense of personal responsibility, accountability, and the inner fortitude that is necessary to do hard things. A one size fits all, expansive federal nanny state creates a weak, mindless, dependent citizen and a society that is not sustainable.

So, if Biblical morality and ethics do not bind me to consenting to governmental mandates, does the science or constitutionality of the mandates demand that I do so?

First, let’s assume that the science about COVID is true, that COVID is very dangerous and deadly. Assume that it has a very high mortality rate (think Andromeda Strain), a very low recovery rate, and no treatment to offer. In light of that, can the government legitimately require me to wear a mask, take a vaccine, comply with frequent PCR testing, stay six feet or more away from people or close my business?

The proper answer begins and ends with the proper role of government. According to God’s Word as well as the US Constitution, government’s role is limited to a very small jurisdiction and always subservient to Almighty God. Its enumerated powers do not include the authority for the administration of our health care needs. Simply put, government’s role is to protect our God-given rights and to defend us against our enemies, from within our borders and without. Tony Evans sums it up beautifully: “Under God the government is to promote the conditions for the well being of the citizenry for good, while protecting the citizenry against the proliferation of evil… to restrict the flow of evil while simultaneously and intentionally seeking to expand the flow of good.”

This environment is one where freedom can flourish so that we have the maximum opportunity to do all that God wants us to do. When the Bible talks about good and evil in Romans 13, it is not talking about infectious diseases, so the job of government is not to mandate our way out of the pandemic or endemic viral attack but to get out of the way and let the citizens and the free market handle it. These are hard words to hear, but they are the truth.

Nevertheless, as a Christian, if the science (mortality rate, recovery rate, treatment options) were true about the devastating effects of a particular pathogen, then I would certainly take precautionary measures to protect myself and my neighbors. Just like I already do during flu season every year. The difference is that God has given me instructions, even mandates, about how to love my neighbor in the face of a deadly virus, a plume of nuclear radiation coming my way, or a meteor dropping out of the sky in my city. God did not give government this authority. Again, these are hard words to hear because we have long forgotten what it is like to live as a truly free individual who is responsible for his/her actions.

Now I will answer the question from a scientific point of view. Does the science justify the government’s overreach and intrusive trauma-based mind control edicts that force us to wear masks, social distance, take vaccines, etc? No, no, no. I resist all of these things because the truth about the virus, the vaccines, and the treatments do not support the mandates. Scientific and medical facts about COVID matter, as do other considerations:

  1. High recovery rate, on average north of 99%, for those under 70YO; 94% above 70YO

  2. Low mortality rate, even with the inflated numbers which include confirmed and presumed

  3. Accessible treatments: HCQ, Primaquine, Clindamycin, IV Ozone, Ivermectin, vitamins, corticosteroids…

  4. Actual evidence that shows no statistical benefit for vaccinating over not vaccinating

  5. Inflated and manipulated case numbers

  6. Vaccine complications including death and disastrous medical complications are skyrocketing

  7. Vaccines are not without significant risks

  8. Vaccines are still under EUA

  9. Pharmaceuticals have no liability for damages from their vaccines

  10. Paucity of evidence that masks and social distancing make enough of a difference, if any at all, to justify destroying our economy, harming people from unintended consequences (suicides up, jobs lost, divorce up, drug deaths up, child abuse up, depression prescriptions up…..)

  11. Scientific and Medical interventions cannot create a risk free society, so stop trying to do it in the name of public safety

  12. Manipulation by fear is not science

  13. Your fear does not obligate me to a certain course of action, especially if the fear is unfounded, albeit, very real to you. Saying there’s a boogey man in the room does not biblically bind me to take any required action.

  14. No virus, nuclear threat, or other real or conjured crisis suspends God’s law or my Constitutional rights.

  15. Your beliefs don’t trump my beliefs carte blanche - minimally, an honest conversation should take place rather than government and big tech silencing/censoring speech - what’s behind the censoring anyway?

  16. How do you know that what you believe is true? Have you been told to believe a certain thing or did you come to the conclusion by your own research and study?

  17. Mandates assume guilt without due process

When it comes to “loving my neighbor more than myself” by wearing a mask, vaccinating, frequent testing, or staying at home, I think it is not the moral, scientific, or constitutional thing to do, because this response is basically affirming a lie. Why would I do anything that would encourage my neighbor to believe or submit to a lie and subject themselves to the statists’ manipulation that will end up enslaving us forever?

Said another way, I am morally, scientifically, and constitutionally compelled to resist all of the mandates.

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Updated: Jan 18

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TEF is concerned about several Leftist bills passed by the Texas Senate during the 86th and 87th Sessions – even with a Republican Lt. Governor and a strong Republican majority in our Senate. We believe it’s time to make a change!" Cindi Castilla, President, on behalf of Texas Eagle Forum

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There is not a day when I am not thankful for my time with Texas Eagle Forum and the women with whom I worked and fought for conservative values in Austin and throughout Texas. Thank you, Texas Eagle Forum, for this honor." - Trayce Bradford, candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor.

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