Just so we are clear... No more masks on children No more mandates that put your job at risk No more interference from the government with your health

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I had the pleasure and privilege to sit down with some of the members of Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom on Monday. To hear their stories and how their lives have irreversibly changed was such an honor. They are fighting for reasonable accommodation from their employer and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently agreed they have been subjected to ongoing coercion from United. I received an A+ rating from the AE4HF, not because I wanted it but because I believe in what they are doing. Groups like this shouldn't have had to form to push back on the overreach of their employers, but since they are, I am happy to stand alongside them. They are the tip of the spear on this issue, living through something that is a headline for most of us. They are leading and they need our prayers and our support.

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Updated: Feb 16

Trayce Bradford has received endorsement from the following groups, PACs, and individuals

Dana Harris and Cindy Asmussen - The Mom Caucus

"Early voting starts today and we are asking you to consider casting your vote for our Mom Caucus sister Trayce Bradford for Lt. Governor. There are others in the race who aren’t necessarily bad candidates, but they don’t bring the breadth of knowledge on policy to the table like Trayce does. She is incredibly knowledgeable on things from anti-human trafficking legislation, to pro-life legislation, to legislation that would permanently fix the electrical grid in Texas. She has been regularly briefed by experts on homeland security issues for years. She understands the far-reaching implications of poor fiscal policy. Don’t mistake her humbleness for meekness because she is a fierce defender of religious liberty. We have both witnessed for multiple legislative sessions her tenacity and resolve to not only be present at the Capitol but to get to know the lay of the land and who the players are. This has served her well as she’s seen bills pass that she invested her time and energy into working.

If you think another candidate has been fighting longer or harder or is more well-versed in the issues facing Texas, then you’ve not done your homework on Trayce. No one on the ballot has worked harder to ensure conservative principles in public policy in Austin than she has. Vote Trayce for the future of Texas!"

Texas Eagle Forum PAC

Stacy Penney, Tarrant County GOP Precinct #2614 Chair

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